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Is this possible. Lockdown Client


Is it possible to lockdown the spark client so a user can’t add a gateway or can’t connect to an external server?


Do you mean that only some users could connect to gateway and others dont? Well, gateway is a plugin of Openfire server, so you just dont install it and users wount have it. Or you can restrict users to register with Spark in Gateway settings i think (check it in Openfire Administration Console). Of course, if you are using Openfire and IM Gateway. Same with external servers, you can lock it in server settings. I mean server-2server connections. If you want Spark to login only to one server that would be harder to achieve. Whether to hack Spark code yourself and hardcode your desired server, or use paid skinning service.

Thanks for the reply. Good information. Yes, I want to be able to restrict the user from having to chnage the default server just so that they cant start chatting with people outside of the local network.


Well, i think most of the users wouldnt be so smart to register on some server, change the login inforamtion and so on. Hm, maybe it;s possible to block other servers (5222 port) with firewall/router.

you can use something like winrar or winzip and open the spark.jar file from <sparkinstallfolder>\lib\spark.jar

Once you have opened that (winrar is easier to navigate) go to org\jivesoftware\resource and edit default.properties

you should notice the host_name, change that to your server.

save the file and update the spark.jar file. The restart spark and push the spark.jar out to your users

and to the Admins, if I should refrain from posts like this please edit this and let me know

and to the Admins, if I should refrain from posts like this please edit this and let me know

I’m not an admin, but i think there is nothing bad with your post. If you want to add your language to Spark you should be doing the same thing (open with archiver, 7-zip will do too, and add your files). It’s open source after all

I just didn’t know if this went against their skinning service

That’s exactly what I am looking for. Thanks.