Is XEP-0174 (serverless messaging) supported by Smack?

Hi all,

I’m new to Smack and its API, so I’d like to clear out the situation concerning XEP-0174 (serverless messaging) support in Smack.

I’ve found this post

Does it work for current realease 3.2.1 or may be there is better way to implement this feature using Smack?



No, this has not been implemented yet. It is logged as SMACK-262 in Jira.

The patch that was attached to that task is not likely to be valid against the current code base.

Thank you for being so quick. Is there any hope to see this feature implemented in near future, for example by the end of the year?

Thanks, Eugene

HI Eugene,

since you seems to have Java programmng knowledge, I would like to ask you to get the 3.2.1 code base and integrate the XEP-174 patch into a “Eugene” Edition of Smack. If it work, I am sure that Robin will gladly review an integrate the patch in 3.3.0.

That’s going to be fastest way to get this feature.


Ok. Thanks.


That would be great, but do it against trunk (for release 3.3) as it is a new feature.