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I need to find out if a user is joined to MUC… however, in docs it says:

boolean isJoined()

Returns true if currently in the multi user chat (after calling the join(String) method).

AFTER calling join(String) method?

I need to find out BEFORE user joins MUC if they’‘re joined or not already… (doesn’'t this make more sense that finding out AFTER calling join() method? what am I missing here?) thank you very much…

This method will only tell you if you are joined via that MultiUserChat object.

A Wenckus, you have been very helpful to me throught this project and I thank you… in the end just put up an alert (JOptionPane) telling user “You have been disconnected. Please try again.” if they try to log on again from another browser window (this is an applet) or from another machine while they’‘re already connected… there’'s no way to detect WHY user has been disconnected from server (which could also be due to network failure, etc…) so we left it at that…

again, many thanks…

It is possible to detect why most bad things happen. The actual problem is that SMACK doesn’'t parse XMPP error messages properly. It depends on the server to send a nice text payload (allowed by the specs, but not required).