Issue about Connection Manager http-bind

Hey, I encounter a issue when using connection manager with http-bind for jsjac library.

It works well to directly connect openfire 7070(http-bind), I can use jsjac to create a chat thread.

But when I use connection manager connection to openfire, jsjac connect to connection manager, it appear to works for first two messages, while the jsjac client receive two messages, it was dropped the connection. (Which is really strange.)

I suppose this would be a connection manager defect or configuration issue(I use the most default configurations except the port changes.)

Is there anyone who meet the same/similar issue? Can you tell me how to solve it?

I use the lasest connection manager 3.6.3 for linux version.

Thanks in advance.

I just checked with the code, it seems the session is closed by unknown reason when the second time get the message. Which is really strange, the similar code in openfire for http-bind.

Anyone knows why?

Ok, the reason is: the default poll time is 5 sec, seems the jsjac do a heartbeat per every short time(which is less than 5 sec), it cause an exception which directly close the session…

When you want to use the jsjac with connection manager, maybe you have to change the jsjac code or change the configuration: xmpp.httpbind.client.requests.polling=0

`~ if you have any other good idea, thank to providing~~