Issue connecting / migratinig to new sql database 2012

have a new sql server and was moving the database over to the new sql server. I am unable to get the installation of the openfire server to actually connect to the new sql server. it may have something to do with the instance name of the server itself.

so I am at the database settings page of the setup. the database url.


hostname = server5\versitechsql

databasename = openfire

error log reports: java.sql.SQLException: Unknown server host name ‘SERVER5\VERSITECHSQL’.

I have even tried just the server5 and I get connection is refused.

any help would be appreciated.


Please give this a try.

You have to set your sql instance port from dynamic to something static. If its the only instance on the server, than you can use the default port of 1433. If its not the only sql instance, than you may want to use something else, like 2433.

then your connector setting should go like this. notice the (:slight_smile: after the port number!! very important!


here’s mine


Hope this helps

Also, you may want to update the driver that is used for openfire. you can download it here.