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Issue regarding MUC

Server: Openfire 3.9.3

Client: Conversations on Android

On Conversations, when I open a new conference room which does not exists in Openfire, the conference room will appear in Openfire but the MySQL database will not show the room in ofmucroom until I press Save Changes in Openfire for the respective room. This causes a problem for me when I invite other users to join my newly created conference room, they get a “conference room not found” message on Conversations.

How can I make it such that both the Openfire and Database will store the information of the newly created MUC room?

Help is really appreciated!

Screen shot for better understanding. Noticed a new group yhu does not automatically puts itself into the ofmucroom, thus invited users getting room not found error.

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MUC not stored in the mysql database.

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I having the same issue, using open source xmpp android phone client!

Bump, anyone got same issue regarding this?