Issue with Redfire A/V

Thanks to assistance from Dele I got Redfire running with the screenshare application. I had downloaded the version of the Redfire .war file for the older revs of Openfire.

Now I am having trouble with the A/V application. I have two XP Pro PCs: #1 has Openfire and Spark installed, all the lastest versions. I have fully up to date Flash, jar and war files. The #2 PC has Spark with up to date plug ins and Flash, same as on PC #1. As noted I can do chat, screen share, file transfers and white board.

Both PCs have Logitech webcams and the Spark applications have the media settings for those webcams.

When I initiate an a/v session from #1 to #2 I get the accept request on #2 and the Allow Access note on #1 in the Flash window. An image of the user at #1 shows up in the lower right hand corner of the screen along with audio and video on/off and the name of the user at #2.

On the #2 machine I get a gray screen with no labels and no images. If I reverse the process i.e. #2 to #1 I get the same.

Both computers are on my local network and I’ve tried using both the IP address of the server and the DNS. Everything works on either except for A/V.

I must be getting really close but obviously I’m still missing something.