Issue with Search Plugin

Good day all … hoping someone can help out.

I have a Openfire 3.5.2 server up and running, all is good and well.

Today however I went to show a user how to setup the spark client, and after installing and logging in, I went to show how to search, and I was prompted by error message stating that the search service could not be found.

I went back and checked and the plugin is installed, and I can manually go via pidgin to search along the, but a user using spark cannot. I then went to check In the admin console to verify the plugin was there, and I did not see anything under Server tab that would allow me to configure the plugin (This is where the readme says the configs are for it)… So I uninstalled the plugin, and reinstalled to no avail. I then manually downloaded the individual plugin. Alerted my users that server needed to come down for quick maintenance, uninstalled the plugin, stopped openfire, and then copied it to the plugins directory and restarted…

Plugin was installed, but still no config area… any ideas!!!

So luckily my server is on vmware, and I decided to roll back to a snapshot …

This resolved my issue. I am assuming that somethign happened with the update of the search plugin.

anyone else recently getting this issue?

Settings should be at Server > Server Settings > Search Service Properties (at the bottom) or http://server:9090/plugins/search/search-props-edit-form.jsp

Thank you for the response… I think something happened w/ the update, As I rolled back to a snapshot because users were complaining about the search function not being useable.

Rolled back and all is well now, but I will not be doing the update… I am going to create a quick test environment and see If the update indeed breaks it again.