Issue with seeing agent and coach transcript?

Hello everyone.

I need to know if there are any current settings that I might need to check for to see if my Spark is configured properly. I have sent emails to my IT department due to the fact that I am unable to see anytime my agents talk about while they are logged into spark. I am also unable to see anything that I write as well. I recieved a email stating that the issue was corrected and when I proceeded to login it was still doing the same thing.

Does any one have any suggestions that can possibly help me out???

Thanks in advance

Error in Spark.docx (61565 Bytes)

What version of Spark?

You can try deleting your Spark’s profile and starting with a fresh one, but i recommend asking your IT stuff to do this. You will lose your settings and personal chats history after doing this. The chat in that document is a group chat, so its history is saved on the server and won’t be lost. This also could be a problem with a server and i won’t help much in that case as i will have to know what version is used and what settings are set in that server.

Spark profile: C:\Documents and Settings\User\Application Data\Spark

You have to exit Spark, delete that folder, start Spark and provide your login details again.

Let me guess around: You are using Spark 2.5.8. You have recently updated your system/pc to new HW? You can chat to others, they see your chat lines, but you do not see any line? You used to see emoticons (Smileys and such) but now your chat window does ot show the emoticons anymore?

Your profile is screwed and your IT team needs to get their software installation sorted out. I had the same in my user base (>10.000 users).

What’s your OS? You will have to delete/rename your profile and create a new login. Wroots comment is right on the target.