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Issue with Viewing Authenticated Users

Just setup server 3.6.4 utilizing spark 2.5.8 here is the scenario…

Sharing the “Domain Admins” group, so all users in the roster are viewed.

We have three users…



Bobby (Me)

Shauna can see Merrill and Bobby

Merrill can see Bobby and Shauna

Bobby can only see Shauna

When Merrill sends Bobby, Bobby receives the Chat Pop-up and can communicate fine with Merrill. However, in Bobby’s Spark Window it show Merrill as being offline. If Bobby tries to add Merrill, spark errors and wants Bobby to reconnect after X amount of seconds.

I’m very new with this application, so I’m not exactly sure what logs I should be looking for.

Any help would be much appreciated.


OK, so here is some updated information as to what I’ve found.

I went into the Administrator Console on the OpenFire Server.

Disabled the Domain Admin Group, renabled this group and now I can see him.

Is this a bug that I’m not aware of?


Are you using LDAP?


Yes we are using LDAP.

I bet you are hitting JM-851 , which should be fixed in the next release. No ETA on that.


Hmm interesting is there any type of temp fix?