Issues between Openfire and PSI

Hi everybody!

I’m having a few problems deploying the service. First of all, let me tell that I’m running Openfire 3.5.2, on a Microsoft Windows 2003 server, using LDAP auth, and MySQL as DB. As clients we want to use PSI, because of it’s low HW requirements and an autoconfig application developed by us. I know Spark is the best but, what can I say, I’m not the one who runs the show…

The problem arise when we login using PSI, the autoroster works great, but when we add users the roster it doesn’t bring the info from th AD (user “jdoe” appears as “jdoe” in the roster instead of “DOE, John” wich would be it CN or Display Name. This only happens with users added to the roster, this doesn’t happen to users added by default with the Shared Users Group option.

I personally use Spark, and when one of those users add me, they appear in my roster with their “username” instead of display name too, but it doesn’t happen when I add a user with Spark.

It’s also good to mention thay the “Resolve” button in the Add user window in PSI, it doesn’t brings the user’s data (display name).

I recently migrated the application from a sandbox to a production server, and honestly I didn’t try adding users while running on the other server.

Thanks in advance…


As far as I know, Psi does read out the nickname field in your vCard. You have to find some way to set this field with LDAP.

It should, Spark does. But PSI seems to be unable to do it, I’m pretty sure I messed up the config of the server.