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Issues blocking 2.9.0 release


Main issues:

It was decided to replace JxBrowser with JCEF after all SPARK-1914 Replace JxBrowser with JCEF

SPARK-2001 Add a popup for accepting certificate from a connection
There are a few issues described in the comments. One can live with all these issues. But i don’t want to release an unpolished version throwing timeouts and errors out of nowhere.
Also, not sure if SPARK-1990 Remove PKI tab is critical or we can skip it for now. And SPARK-2038 Handle self-signed certificates more gracefully would be nice to have, but it can be added later (though i fear in this case it will never be added).

New issue after updating to Smack 4.3 - Old plugins causing problems with chat windows after Smack 4.3 update

Emoticons not working since Smack 4.3 update - Emoticons are not working after Smack 4.3 update

Other annoyances and broken stuff:

SPARK-1898 Roar shows popups for your own messages in the rooms
SPARK-1887 Shouldn’t show a toast popup for your own message in MUC related, but less critical as toasts are hopefully used less.

SPARK-1988 Bundled JRE is not updated when upgrading not critical, but we are declaring in the changelog, that it has been updated and it is not being updated during the upgrade.

SPARK-1979 Resources and sounds are missing from the package some users rely on sounds and it would be a dumb bug to leave in a release.

SPARK-2043 Not showing one character long messages hopefully rarely stumbled upon, but i’ve already seen a few reports and i even thought it was already fixed. But it’s not :slight_smile:

SPARK-1978 Documentation is missing in the package i don’t think we can distribute installers without the license. There is one on the website, but still.

SPARK-2019 Settings do not save when pressing Save or Apply (only after a restart) not a big issue for me as i rarely change settings, but could be an issue for new deployments.

First chat doesn't show
Certificate for Openfire and spark

@guus, @speedy, @Alameyo and all others interested in this. As it often comes up in chat and other places, i have compiled a list of issues that i think should be fixed before doing 2.9.0 release.


Thanks for this, Wroot. It is good to put focus on things.

In one of our recent video calls, those that were present there agreed to not go forward with JxBrowser, as we are unwilling to meet some of their licensing-related demands. Instead, we’ll have another stab at JCEF. We’ve found that in @dwd, we have someone that has actual expertise in setting up builds of their code.


I have used


in our internal spark build and replaced the fastpath cobrowser, it works well if a little slow to start up.
not sure how well maintained the project is but could be a good starting point


All artifacts there are for win, so probably won’t be enough to cover all platforms. Last update was 1 year ago. So, it’s not very active.


As i say a starting point


I think the certificate stuff, the one character message bug, and the toast roar stuff should probably be fixed before a release. The jxbrowers/jcef might take a while to work out, so perhaps we can add that back in with a dot release?


This will probably also mean removal of ofmeet plugin.


Changed first issue to SPARK-1914 Replace JxBrowser with JCEF


you’ll prob hate this suggestion, but should we go ahead and see about upgrading smack to the latest version before trying to push out a release as well? I think flow is getting ready to release 4.3 sometime in the near future.


Feel free to take a stab at it :slight_smile: But i’m not considering it a blocker. More like nice to have https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-1843


I stabbed at it, and killed it! :skull_and_crossbones: I’m trying to bribed @Paul_Schaub now! :slight_smile:

I agree, not a blocker, but Id hate to see spark get behind by 2 major smack versions.


Added https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-2065 to the list of blocking issues.


Added Emoticons issue to the list. There is also a minor bug with Roar related to Smack 4.3 update, but it is not a blocker.