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Issues blocking 2.9.0 release


Added SPARK-2079 and SPARK-2080 to the list.


Removed from the list SPARK-1988 Bundled JRE is not updated when upgrading


Renamed SPARK-2019 Settings do not save when pressing Save or Apply (only after a restart) to Add (requires restart) to single click in system tray option and removed from the list


Added https://issues.igniterealtime.org/browse/SPARK-2053 to the list as this becomes unbearable how more sluggish Spark has become in 2.9.0/Latest Smack. If you have rooms on auto login it can takes minutes before Spark becomes responsive again after restarting it. Although most users are not restarting Spark that often, they can still run into this issue and this is just very annoying. UI should’t lock up this way while loading roster, pulling history.


Added SPARK-2067 Roar popup missing nickname after Smack 4.3 update to the list. It is often hard to understand who is talking to whom just by looking at popups (kind of what they are for).


Added SPARK-2085 Messages do not appear when history is disabled


Added to the list SPARK-2092 Fastpath is not loading after Smack 4.3 update


Added to the list SPARK-2096 Reconnect is not working after Smack 4.3 update


Removed SPARK-2096 Reconnect is not working after Smack 4.3 update


Added SPARK-2107 Search is not working after Smack 4.3 update

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