Issues still present in 2.0.1 (mixed win32 & linux)

I would like to preface this with the fact that some of the linux only problems may be a problem with Java or Java+XGL and not Spark specifically. I will work on ruling these out but wanted to report them in case other people were also suffering from them. And when I am speaking of ?linux?, I am referring only to my specific setup which is: kde 3.5.4, qt 4.1.4, xorg 7.1, xgl 0.0.1.

Counter-intuitive preferences dialog: (win32 & linux)

This started out as a “There ought to be a button to save the password” in the preferences dialog instead of having to press “close” and assume it was done. Now that the preferences dialog contains many more configurable settings I think there really needs to be an “Apply/OK/Save” button as opposed to merely “Close”. The original JIRA report for the password save button was SPARK-152 and the other thread discussing it is here: (It was promised in v1.1 I believe…)

Lack of User side record of Broadcast Messages: (win32 & linux)

Broadcast messages do not show up in anyone’‘s contact history that I can find. This presents the situation where I can send a broadcast and there is no history of my having sent it or anyone having received it. So if I want to go look it up to get that link I sent to everyone, or if they want to look it up because they didn’'t bookmark it, there is no record of it. There is no record of any such message except in the Audited packets, which are fairly useless except with Enterprise or until someone takes the time to write an xml parser for them (I am eventually going to look into writing such an xml parser but in the meantime…).

Unsynched Chat History: (win32 & linux)

Messages in chat windows are not “apparently” saved to contact history until the window is closed. There was a long standing bug where chat history contained within a window would be lost if Spark died or logged you out while the chat window was open. I believe this has been fixed, but it would be nice if the contact history reflected the actual contact history and not merely the history up until the point the window was last closed.

Check for Updates may not be working: (win32 & linux)

I couldn’‘t find the thread I thought I read more info on this in but I have just downloaded 2.0.1 onto the server, set it in the Spark Manager plugin, and using the “Help-> Check for Updates” doesn’‘t notice its there. What I think I recall reading was that it only checks once a day or something even if you ask it to check manually. I have only vary vague and partial memories of this so I may be far off as to why it isn’'t working.

Misplaced context menus: (linux only)

This is one of those ones where I am pretty certain it has nothing to do with Spark, however 2.0.0 seems better than 1.1.4. What happens is if I right click in the input box, the context menu appears well outside the spark chat window. Where it is especially strange is that the Spark / Contacts / Actions menus drop where they should, the Help menu shows up well outside the Spark window. If this makes no sense I can probably gather some screenshots, I suspect it is java+xgl related but the fact that some menus do it, others not I figured made it worth noting.

Some “Dead Characters” cannot be entered in the input box: (linux, win32 unknown)

On the fr_CH keyboard layout it is not possible to create a ~ symbol (altgr*^space), ` (shift^*space), ^ (^+space). I haven’'t been able to test this in windows as I am the only user with an fr_CH keyboard layout.

Shift+Insert doesn’'t work to paste in the input box: (linux only)

In linux the shift+insert keyboard shortcut (for pasting, which is quite commonly used on *nix environments) doesn’'t work. It does nothing at all for me.

Window Focus Problems: (linux only)

The bring chat window to focus only works for me on linux if it is actually minimized. If it is not minimized but just hidden behind another window, it will steal keyboard focus but not actually come to the front (possibly another XGL related problem). From the same token, if I double click someones name in my roster it doesn’'t bring forward the chat window unless it is expressly minimized and not just hiding behind another window.

Feel free to break this post up if needed. I just wanted to get it all written down before I lost them or forgot about them again.

Cheers, RioGD

Im having issues with 2.0.1 as well for windows. It has been prompting me to upgrade to version 2.0.1 even after I have upgraded. This also happened in 2.0, but was not an issue in 1.4.

Any others having this issue or is it just me?


About a week or so ago I downloaded “the latest” version from and installed. Two things, when it supposed removes the old version it leaves the desktop shortcut and if you leave the box checked to create a shotcut, you get a second shrotcut to spark.

The second thing is that now, inevitably when spark starts up, it prompts me to close the client so that the latest version may be installed.

This is under XP sp2. Any plans for a fix?



Hi Sean,

This should have been fixed in the 2.0.1 release a couple days ago. Can you verify your build # please



It is I will try the new one.

ddman: Could you have a look at the other things I brought up here and give me your thoughts?

Cheers, RioGD