Issues:Using OpenFire with libjingle

I not able to login to the OpenFire server from my libjingle client.

Below is the steps followed and errors:

Please suggest reasons for this. Thank you very much.

Steps followed:

1)Downloaded the Openfire 3.7.0

2)Installed on my Ubuntu machine:

ran below command to start the server.

/etc/init.d/openfire start

3)From the browser, I have made the admin setup.

Added two users from the admin

4)Try to login from libjingle from a remote machine.

/talk/build/dbg/staging$ ./call -d --protocol jingle --s

JID: user1@


Logging in to as user1@

Available commands:

roster Prints the online friends from your roster.

friend user Request to add a user to your roster.

call [jid] [bw] Initiates a call to the user[/room] with the

                  given JID and with optional bandwidth.

vcall [jid] [bw] Initiates a video call to the user[/room] with

                  the given JID and with optional bandwidth.

voicemail [jid] Leave a voicemail for the user with the given JID.

join [room_jid] Joins a multi-user-chat with room JID.

ljoin [room_name] Joins a MUC by looking up JID from room name.

invite user [room] Invites a friend to a multi-user-chat.

leave [room] Leaves a multi-user-chat.

getdevs Prints the available media devices.

quit Quits the application.

(call) OpenSSLAdapter::OnConnectEvent

XmppLoginTask::Advance - No error


SEND >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> : Thu Jun 16 17:27:41 2011

<stream:stream to=“” xml:lang="*" version=“1.0” xmlns:stream=“” xmlns=“jabber:client”>

logging in…

(call) RECV <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< : Thu Jun 16 17:27:41 2011


logged out…Malformed XML or encoding error

(call) virtual int talk_base::PhysicalSocket::Recv(void*, size_t): Error = 9


I am using the libjingle-0.5.6

Sorry, it worked for me when I tried with

./call -d --protocol jingle --s