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Issues with History

We have a client that uses Spark and they are having an issue with their histories showing up properly in the chat windows. The histories showing up are from June '08 on back. All histories from July '08 to current are not showing up in the chat Window. When navigating to the XML files where the histories reside “Spark\User”, each contact has two folders for their user name, one with their user name, one with their username.companyname. The Histories showing up in the chat window are referencing the user name folder, but the new information saved is going to the username.companyname folder.

Any assistance would be apprciated on how to troubleshoot or repair this issue

Probably would be hard to repair. Maybe you have changed something in the configuration of the server? Is it bind to LDAP? You can try such thing as temporary remove whole Spark profile folder (pu it as a backup somewhere) and then login with that users and let Spark recreate the profile. Then check how the history is working, is it saving and showing, to what folder name is it saving the history. Maybe, maybe it would be possible to just copy over the content of contact’s folders from a backup to a newly created folder and maybe this will work.