Issues with Ignite Realtime's SVN server?

Hi folks,

I’ve been trying to grab the Openfire sources from the Subversion repository at using hgsubversion ( in preparation for some minor hacking-about - custom authentication mechanisms, some minor header changes to BOSH, and so on - to make it better fit my environment. Unfortunately, I can’t stay connected to the Openfire repository long enough to check out a whole revision.

Getting hgsubversion out of the picture for a moment, I’ve tried the folloinwg:

$ svn co openfire

A openfire/build

A openfire/build/resin

A openfire/build/resin/resin.conf.template

A openfire/build/pkg

A openfire/build/pkg/Prototype.template

A openfire/build/pkg/pkginfo

A openfire/build/debian

A openfire/build/debian/control

A openfire/build/debian/compat

A openfire/build/debian/postinst

A openfire/build/debian/openfire.links

A openfire/build/debian/changelog

A openfire/build/debian/openfire.dirs

A openfire/build/debian/copyright

A openfire/build/debian/openfire.postinst

A openfire/build/debian/openfire.default

A openfire/build/debian/openfire.postrm

A openfire/build/debian/rules

A openfire/build/debian/openfire.init.d

A openfire/build/debian/openfire.conffiles

A openfire/build/

A openfire/build/lib

A openfire/build/lib/jasper-runtime.jar

A openfire/build/lib/jmock-legacy.jar

A openfire/build/lib/ant-jive-edition.jar

A openfire/build/lib/hamcrest-library.jar

A openfire/build/lib/commons-el.jar

A openfire/build/lib/versions.txt

A openfire/build/lib/qdox.jar

A openfire/build/lib/src

A openfire/build/lib/src/mina-filter-compression-1.1.7-sources.jar

A openfire/build/lib/src/mina-filter-ssl-1.1.7-sources.jar

A openfire/build/lib/src/slf4j-log4j12-1.5.8-sources.jar

A openfire/build/lib/src/commons-lang-sources.jar

A openfire/build/lib/src/mina-core-1.1.7-sources.jar

A openfire/build/lib/src/slf4j-api-1.5.8-sources.jar

A openfire/build/lib/hamcrest-api.jar

A openfire/build/lib/jmock-junit4.jar

A openfire/build/lib/ant-contrib.jar

svn: REPORT of ‘/svn/repos/!svn/vcc/default’: Could not read response body: connection was closed by server (

This message is consistent and occurs either locally (on consumer DSL) or if I try to check out directly onto a Linode instance (with a more reliable network connection), which makes me hope that the problem isn’t on my side.

While it is possible to get a complete local checkout by using ‘svn update’ repeatedly until all of the files have downloaded, this isn’t a workable solution for tools that treat a failed svn operation as a fatal error - such as hgsubversion. I’d really like to be able to work on my changes in Mercurial (if I submit them back upstream, they’ll come out as patches, not as Mercurial-specific bundles), so I’d really love to see a more elegant solution.

What’s the story?



Thanks for reporting this, perhaps something is up with our apache config. Will dig some more and really hope to see some patches come back to us, we are desperate for help…


The same problem to me, when I download spark source.

Only “svn: REPORT of ‘/svn/repos/!svn/vcc/default’: Could not read response body: connection was closed by serv”, no other messages or information.

It seems that the server close the connection randomly. No matter with the size I got.

Same issue described here And i have also reported in the thread about network refactoring, that there are problems with downloads on our site. SVN issue is related. Downloads (nightly builds or simple downloads) are often breaking and as server doesnt support resuming one have to redownload again and again. This happens more often for svn, as the size is bigger. I don’t think Jive SBS is related to this. Something is bad with server configuration.

Holy cow, I found a cron script that was restarting ignite’s httpd every 5 minutes! That’s not good

I commented that out

Things are definitely looking better now! I’ll flag this as the “correct” answer when I’m more sure the problem’s solved.


Wonder what was the thought behind that. Maybe it was a workaround for site crashing? Hope this will fix issues with downloads.