Issues with internal to external file transfer

Good afternoon.

We’re having issues where users outside our network cannot transfer files to any users within the network. Users within the network can transfer files between themselves. All users are on client version 2.8.2 or 2.8.3.

I have done everything I can think of to narrow down this issue:

Disable Sophos AV on OpenFire host

Disable AV on the clients

Log all firewall traffic and review the results.

Here is what happens:

User Ex sends transfer request. User Int receives and accepts. User Int is stuck on “Negotiating connection stream, please wait.”

In our firewall, I see the initial request in the logs, but after accepting the transfer, I do not see any traffic going out.

This leads me to believe that the OpenFire is not taking the next step for the file transfer.

What server logs should I look for that can help diagnose this issue?

Thank you

this could be a spark issue and not a server issue. to verify, could you please try with different clients.

Or with 2.7.7. On both ends. Release Spark 2.7.7 · igniterealtime/Spark · GitHub

Since 2.8 file transfer has many issues

[SPARK-1793] File transfer fails when switching to SOCKS5 - IgniteRealtime JIRA

[SPARK-1869] Degraded file transfer feature when sending files between different networks - IgniteRealtime JIRA