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Issues with LDAP and User Groups

Good Morning,

I have been struggling with my configuration for Openfire. I will explain what I am looking for, what Openfire is doing, and how it is currently configured.

I want to have the LDAP integration with our Domain Users. I want to have the users automatically populate when I add them in Active Directory. I would also like Openfire to automatically group each of the users according to the Office field in Active Directory. I would like these to automatically show up in each of the other’s users (Spark) accounts (Roster), without them having to add any users.

Right now, the LDAP is pulling the users into Openfire. Each time I add or change an employee in Active Directory, I then have to go into Openfire and modify each user’s roster to either add or remove the other employee that I just modified. This can become quite cumbersome.

Is there any way to automate this whole process.

Here is how the LDAP configuration is currently setup:

Host: ACME

Port: 389

Base: ou=“users”,ou=“ACME FCU”,dc=“acmefcu”,dc=“local”

Administrator DN: cn=“Administrator”,cn=“users”,dc=“acmefcu”,dc=“local”

Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

This is called group sharing. You need to have groups with AD defined how you want them to appear in your chat client. Then share the groups.