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Issues with multi user conference history: Spark 2.5.3 and Openfire 3.3.1

We are having some interesting issues with Multi-user conference rooms in Spark 2.5.3.

The rooms are permanent and logged.

Issue 1: When users post multiple messages over many days the date divider that the client puts in between messages that were posted on different days does not reliably appear and there does not seem to be a way to configure this.

Issue 2: When the server is restarted the history of the persistent room does not appear all the way back to the beginning of the room’'s creation, which is what I thought the permanent aspect implied.

I can see the data exists in the DB all the way back but the client does not display it all!

Any pointers?



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  1. Is a Spark bug slated to be fixed in 2.5.5

  2. Will depend on the properties of the room. Permanent just means the room will not be deleted.

Thanks for the reply DeeJay.

Awesome to know about Issue 1.

For Issue 2:

We have setup the conference to room to log everything back to the creation of the room.

In fact, you can see the data is in the DB but does not appear when you join the room. The only data that appears is from the last server restart. So, as long as the server is not restarted you do not “lose” data, but if you do restart the server the room starts “clean” again. All data is still in the DB, it just does not appear to the clients joining the room.

Hi all,

just bumping this up the chain to let the dev’s know that I still do not see date/time stamps dividing messages from previous days.

The divider seems to be rather random in its placement.



Thanks for the report. I’ve gone ahead and filed SPARK-821 to fix this issue.