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Issues with new server spinup - Contact List with Rosters doesn't fully load

Hi - I’ve just setup a new instance of OpenFire and everything works except when I start to fully populate everything. Using the newest build, I’ve imported about 150 users or so, and have created groups that are all shared with all users. I logged into my account and watched as I added users to the groups, and as I did this, everything populated correctly. For testing, before I did my biggest group (about 50 people), I logged off, deleted my existing profile (using Miranda IM), reconnected, and only a portion of the roster information pulled down.

This is the second time this happened as I rebuilt the environment after the first time it happened, thinking it was something I was doing.

Are there any limitations on rosters? Is there something I’m missing? Any help would be apprecaited!

Runing on Debian - 4.3.2 (or whatever the latest build is).