Issues with smack and Openfire

Hello, I’m using smack to develop a xmpp client and using openfire as a xmpp server. One of my scenarios, I would like to invite offline users to join a chat group. If my friend is online, the invitationReceived (InvitationListener) fires and works fine… I guess Openfire doesn’t have support to send invitation messages to offline users . Is it right? Do you know other approach to invite offline user to join (send invite) a group chat?

I still have other doubt. With Openfire admin interface I can create services and persists chatrooms, Is possible persist one-to-one chat using chatManager.createChat() (org.jivesoftware.smack.ChatManager) ?


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I think the problem is the same as described here:

Openfire does not store messages which have an empty body, which is a bug and a faulty implementation of

According to invites are NOT sent with type “groupchat” and therefore should be stored in offline case.

There’s already a bug issue: OF-722

As a workaround you could not use Smack’s functionality and instead assmble your own invite message with an non-empty body (e.g. " ").

Thanks, it’s working! =D

Hello, sorry about open again this old topic,

but I have the same error and I can’t understand what is the problem.

I’m using Openfire 4.02 and Smack 2.7.7

I managed to modify invitation message

Reason copy

Invite generate by method generatePersistantInvitationMessage

But it’s not delivered when “user1” come online from offline status, indeed while user1 it’s online he normally recive the invitation.

Any idea? Maybe I have to set something on Openfire?