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Issues with Spark Web authentication

I posted a thread here: http://community.igniterealtime.org/message/230511#230511

But haven’t received any responses. Can someone from here give me a hand?

Hi all,

I’m trying to setup spark web, but am having some difficulties. I’ve copied the files to my plugins/admin directory, and I can get the login page to show up. However, when I put in my credentials and specify the machine openfire is running on, I just keep getting messages like “No response from server” or “Not Authorized”.

*Also, when I try to modify the SparkWeb.html file to default to the openfire server I’m running, it still just loads the page with @igniterealtime.org as the default server. *

Have I missed a step somewhere?

You have probably already found this http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1553

It could be that SparkWeb is just not working with newer Openfire, because SparkWeb is not in development for ages and probably won’t ever be. As for server part, this is some kind o caching thing in browser. Try with another browser, which you haven’t tried yet and it should show you server instead. Try clearing the cache in you common browser, though it doesn’t always help.