I''ve Created a MUCRoom, But Spark Says It Doesn''t Exist

I’'ve developed a Component that creates a MUC room and I can join it. Using a Spark client, I can browse the conference service and see the room. I can “View Room Info” and see the lone owner occupant. However, if I try to join the room, I get “The room you are trying to enter does not exist.”

I’'ve tried everything I can think of. Does anyone know how to create a room that users can actually enter?


Hi Bill,

did you also configure it? If you didn’‘t then this is the “normal” behavior. Maybe it is a bug that Wildfire does list not configured rooms, or it’'s in the xmpp/MUC spec.


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Lol @ autoreply

I’‘ve configured a room (in the past) that I’‘ve created as a Smack client - using “sendConfigurationForm” IIRC. But this is a bit different - I’‘m now a Component and apparently I need to configure it as well. I don’'t see anything in the interface that looks like it does what I need it to.

Do you know how?


BTW - Wildfire DOES list the room. It’‘s just when I try to enter it using Spark that it says it doesn’'t exist.