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Izpack for Spark


here is the first patch to support izpack installer, but is not finished.


  • Simple Spark Installer


  • create with launch4j an spark.exe

  • add rpm package

  • add src package

  • fix izpack shurtcut creation

  • add licensepanel to izpack installer


  • fix unix icon creation

  • fix appdir path

  • add 64bit win support


  • workaround for icon bug

  • fix uninstall icon


  • fix logout under windows

  • add logout button for linux and macos


  • make starter smaller


I take it this patch is for eclipse, does anyone have any experience using Izpack with ant?

No! This Patch was only created with eclipse!

You can use “ant installer.izpack”! :slight_smile:

Please change the property “installer.izpack.dir” in the build.xml to your IzPack directory.

That sounds so deceptively simple, unfortunately my build.xml does not mention izpack. I know this probably isnt the right place to ask questions like this. But does anyone have an example build.xml that uses izpack?

This is also a discussion at http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/188593#188593

Update to V2

Nachricht geändert durch cstux

I have add the installer for testing! :slight_smile:

The issues i see is already mentioned (about launch4j) is that when grouping of similar windows is used in Windows it changes the icon to java coffee cup.

Another smaller issue is that Spark doesnt restart after logout or after changing the language. Becuase there is no starter.exe anymore.

And i’m seeing one weird issue, bu i’m not sure. I’m testing it on a laptop, which is connected to my PC via Internet Connection Sharing. Openfire is running on PC and i’m connecting with Spark to internet connection sharing IP. IzPack Spark is not showing incoming messages and outgoing messages are all in one line. This is not happening with old 2.6.0 Beta 2. I will have to test it on PC or switch to normal LAN. Anybody else seeing such behavior?

Add Installer V3

Issue : Not showing incoming messages and outgoing messages-> fixed :slight_smile:
spark-installer.jar (18012012 Bytes)

Add installer V6 for testing! :slight_smile: V5 was to big for adding :slight_smile:

Latest Spark version from SVN 10968…/fisheye/changelog/svn-org/spark/trunk?cs=10968
spark-installer.jar (18151645 Bytes)

Fix Taskbar group icon
spark-installer.jar (18449199 Bytes)

V7 testing:

  • starter.exe is back and working.
  • messaging is working
  • grouping similar windows in Windows now shows spark icon instead of java coffee cup, though it could be better to show “Spark” caption in that taskbar window, instead of “Java ™” (but i think cstux is alredy working on that :slight_smile: )

IzPack is not checking on proper rights of the user who is tryingto install. I don’t have admin rights on my PC and the installation failed after trying to read/write the uninstall keys in the registry. The previoas installation looks like it was touched before that error message… Not that good


Now it checks the privilege!
IZPACK-AND-RPM-FOR-SPARK_V8.patch (17660 Bytes)

How to apply the patch in Izpack? Plz help me.

Thanks and Regards,


Hi I am doing branding on Spark 2.6. However the group icon is still a java cup, can someone advise how to replace the java cup and the tooltip text with customised icon and text instead? Thanks in advance.