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Jabber client connection problem

i have a little problem with openfire 3.6.3 on windows server std x86. i create sucessfully database on mysql and configure openfire server for use it. hostname of server is for example “dc1server2003” when i use Jabbim client and i write login info username@dc1server2003 all it is ok, but i creat a cname dns record on same server for example “localjabber”, then i can´t log on server with username@localjabber. where is the error? thanx and i apologize if my english is not good

when you name the server it sets the xmpp.domain that is used with the creation of JIDs. if you named your openfire server “dc1server2003” during the setup then all JIDs are created with that xmpp.domain (e.x. username@dc1server2003). If you wish to login to the computer with a different domain you need to change the xmpp.domain. The easiest method is to re-run the config by editing the openfire.xml setup tag to read false. Then go to the admin site and set through the config again.