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Jabber client dont get messages sometimes


I have installed wildfire first then openfire about 2 years now but never hava an problem like that. (no external and 1 server only for about 75 jabber clients all using Pandion)

Sometimes some jabber clients dont receive the message i checked logs and nothing diferent there, even the i-ball plugin shows the message but the user dont get it.

i setup debug to see if i find something wrong but no luck.

i found this line in debug.log

2008.01.11 15:43:23 Trying to find group names for user: nilton@chgmsn using query: (&(&(cn=*)(objectclass=groupOfNames))(member=uid=“nilton”,ou=“people”,dc=chgaut omotiva))

nilton@chgmsn is the user that is not get messages.

chgmsn = host server is installed.

i have made 2 changes lately:

upgrade openfire and move dns server for another ip address but names working ok.

can somebody help me please?

ps1. sorry about my english

ps2. nilton is my boss

I’ve seen this too… Thought I was crazy lol

Hi, how can i move this the whole thread to the rigth place?

i’ve just see is under openfire enterprise support,