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Jabber Client - Wooden Fish Messenger Beta


Wooden Fish Messenger is an instant messenging client application based on the open Jabber Standard Protocals and the SMACK API. The application is written in Java and can be launched directly from your browser through Java Web Start. Here are a list of features:

  • Multiple Jabber accounts,

  • Chat, groupchat, message,

  • Sounds for presence and incoming message notifications,

  • Animated icons,

  • Various skins,

  • Run on any platform that supports JRE 1.4.x or higher

  • Integrated bookmark and room discovery functions to join a group chat

  • Tabbed group chat interface,

  • Conversation history,

  • Chat Room configuration,

  • and more…

Please visit the Wooden Fish’'s web page at


There are some screenshots and explains the reason why the name

“Wooden Fish” is choosen.

Wooden Fish can be launched directly through the link below:


WoodenFish is in Beta right now and we are looking for your comments, feature requests and bug reports to help improve the quality of the product.

Special thanks to Jive Software for providing the SMACK API to

make the development efforts easier and faster.

Best Regards,

Happy Jabbering…

Scott Hong

NetCAE Solutions

Clarification please: This is only executable through a link to your site correct? We can’'t download code to put on our Windows Apache/IIS server and test from there. Am I correct?



Wooden Fish Messenger is distributed as WebStart executable only. You are welcomed to place a link to our website





Please drop me an email and we are very flexible to work out something

for your internal deployment test. Wooden Fish Messenger is been

updated frequently during this beta phase. Java Web Start will make sure

that the latest version is been deployed and it works flawlessly.