Jabber users cannot see each others' status or send messages

I have a vanilla openfire install (3.7.1) on Win2K3 in my tiny IT office. For almost a year, I have been using crude little scripts on various machines in conjunction with a command-line XMPP client to send automated notifications to Xabber on my Android phone. All has gone well.

I recently added a new employee, added him to openfire and set him up with a roster. I also went through all of the other user accounts polishing up the rosters and updating subscriptions.

All of the users can successfully log on from any client, and the Admin Console will accurately reflect their status. The do not, however, see the status of their contacts. All users’ contacts appear offline all of the time. Any messages sent from one user to another disappear into the ether.

I do have a somewhat awkward DNS setup and I am suspicioius that it may be the cause, but users are logging in, so I don’t see how: The server is on a dynamic internet connection. I have a dyndns account to keep it stable but the hostname is unprofessional, so I have a CNAME entry from a subdomain of my company’s primary domain pointing to that. I.E. server.pc-supreme.com -> litljay.dyndns.org -> current IP

I have a tomato router keeping dyndns up to date and ports forwarded.

Any thoughts?