Jabber/XMPP client with H.323 support

I was wondering if anybody knew of a Jabber client that supported H.323 calls. I’m trying to integrate our current Tandberg VTC system with our new Jabber do-everything-you-could-possibly-dream-of system, with the eventual goal of phasing out the ridiculously overpriced Tandberg units, but my command group won’t give me full support unless I find a way to make the jabber client backwards compatible with our Tandbergs. I’ve already looked at neos mt, but I don’t see a way to make h.323 calls to specific IP addresses on the LAN, plus the constant disconnect is extremely annoying. Any ideas?

neos mt works pretty fine.

maybe miranda?

maybe you try http://www.sjlabs.com/ sj phone new version

Iam test this soft. with h323 gatekepeer, sip direct call and he can register to jabber,but you maybe have problem with nat router in your network