Jabberd2 & Wildfire aren''t playing friendly together

I’‘ve been having big problems with my Jabberd2’'s s2s component. It would eat & eat memory till my RAM+swap would be full. A Jabberd2 dev gave me the tip to look at the number of connections today and I discovered there were, at that point, 49 connections from a single Wildfire server! Also someone else, for whom the memory leaking started this weekend, noticed he had many connections from Wildfire servers.

So it seems Wildfire has trouble closing down connections and Jabberd2 has trouble dealing with that.

Would it be possible for the Wildfire devs to look at this too? The server that connected 49 times to mine is of a friend of mine.

My JID is julius@haar.student.utwente.nl

I’‘ve talked with a Wildfire dev about this. It seems it’'s a (NAT) router issue and not a Wildfire one. It was just probably a coincedence that the cases seen had Wildfire on the other side.