Jappix for Openfire plugin


I keep getting this error when trying to log into jappix -> Error » Authorization failed

I am using an username and password that I setup in Openfire

Running Openfire 3.7.1 on Elastix server with Jappix Spaco [0.9]

What am I doing wrong?



I also got this problem. “Error: Authorization failed”. (Openfire 3.8.2, jappix

Any idea?

Openfire 3.8.2, jappix

“This tool has been disabled, you can not use it!”

“This tool has been disabled, you can not use it!”

May be I connect an Minijappix roudcube https://github.com/jappix/jappix/wiki/JappixMini with openfire server?

if yes how?

Hi Dele,

is there any chance to get an update on this plugin ?

if not, do you have any documentation on what you did to get jappix working with openfire, so that someone else could update this plugin ?



Sorry, the source code is the documentation

I used quercus to provide a PHP web service for the jetty web server in Openfire and made some changes to enable Jappix config files work with openfire.

Jappix has made a lot of changes since the last time I looked at it and I have been busy on other projects. Not sure of when I can get to look at it again.

I cant register new users, is there anyway to make it work?

i also have the same problems as others :

jappix is locked to the local domain :

access is done by : meet.example.org:7070/jappix

my openfire server is example/org

jappix is locked to meet.example.org adresses

when jappix is accessible on :


it is working fine

i can loggin and i can register users

to allow registration and to unlock domain : i edited /usr/share/openfire/plugins/jappix/read-main.php and /usr/share/openfire/plugins/jappix/read-hosts.php.

but still

meet.example.org:7070/jappix is locked with the previous parameters

any idea ?

Hi Dele and thank you for your great work.

I was wondering if we can call someone from Jappix to Jitsi and vice versa.

Is it possible?

I’ve also installed Jinglenodes but everytime I want to call from the Jitsi client the Jappix user, I get the error “cannot find a resource that supports Jingle or Google Talk”.

Is there a troubleshoot on that?

I use the 3.9.3 OF with Websockets and Jappix

@Dele Olajide Will this step by step walkthrough work with the current jappix and the current openfire?

I need both the jappix and jappix mini to work, and am currently running openfire 4.0.2

I should note that after installing a fresh plugin with git clone of the github page jappix works but when I connect to the minichat.html I see xmpp-mini-1.jpgand when I click on the chat icon it becomes

is there some method to get the mini version to work as well? thanks,

Net Nut

This plugin is no more in development. you are better off using latest jappix code

@Dele Olajide

Dele Olajide wrote:

This plugin is no more in development. you are better off using latest jappix code

if I try and use that code since it is not using the features of the plugin I get the errorerror.jpg

when jappix tries to sign in

what process do you use to take the code from jappix download, and get it so it will use Jetty embeded in Openfire ,Quercus Java PHP engine embeded in the plugin, and Jetty Websockets or Openfire BOSH services To configure Jappix settings ?