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Jappix users, PLEASE UPDATE!

If you use openfire-jappix plugin on your server, you should update to version 0.0.2 which uses the the new 0.8 package

Please read




Sorry… As I am posting twice to get it answered.

I have Openfire 3.70 along with Jappix 0.7 deleloped by Dele. ( openfire-jappix-370-0.0.1.zip ) It is working fine on all the browsers except on IE9.

On IE9 it is showing encountered errors. However when I click on Compatibility view of IE9, it get connected and work fine. Please help or advice.

Should I upgrade to Jappix 0.8 along with Openfire3.70 ( openfire-jappix370-0.0.2.zip )


Hi All,

Here my issue:

Can i do audio/video call from jitsi 2.4 (window) to jappix client using openfire ?