Java-Bells: A Jingle implementation for Java based on LibJitsi, Ice4J and Smack

I finally figured it out. I had installed the 32 bit version on a 64 bit server. It was throwing all kinds of codec conversion errors. When I saw that, I installed the 64 bit version and it started working!

Hi everybody! I try to run it but I get this error:


Target “dist” does not exist in the project “Java Bells”.

Any tip on how to run it properly?

Sorry Vince, that’s a very stupid bug I will fix. In the meantime, try

% ant compile


Thaks Bjorn, that works. Sorry for asking again but what causes this:

Failed to register custom Renderer with JMF

I’ve searched but can’t find a good answer. Thank you.

Hmmm, I’m not sure. Can you post a bug report on the github page? Be sure to include all relevant info, such as your OS, complete stack trace (as an attachment) and exactly how you got the error.

It’s working now… I run it a couple of times and it worked.

On my testcall it’s always says “waiting…” . Is it the right thing?