Java memory increase help! openfire 3.5.2


Being that I am a little insecure with Java and how it works. Basically, know nothing about it be very honest. I continually get the same HEAP error that most people are getting. However; I feel that by increasing the Java Memory Size from its current 64 meg to something close to 512 or 768 meg then it should fix the issues I am having. You know the same thing as people not being able to get on. The Java VM memory topping out and stayin there for a while. I am a systems admin for a bank and well to be very honest I just rolled this out per the EXE and not MSI this week to 11 seperate locations. Its frustrating as heck having 50 calls before lunch just cause people can connect and I keep getting Heap errors with the Java Memory running out.

So with that being said - is there anyone that can walk me through on how to make the Java Memory increase. I have seen no clear cut answer how to increase this memory allication issue. It might sound silly and stupid at the same time to have a great walk through, but I have read 90% of the posts about heap and java memory. Nothing telling me where to go and how to get there?

I appologize but I am seriously a little bit lost. I am a noobie. Have patients.

I have tried one thing right at this moment -

Opps wrong button. heres is the rest of what i ment to put out there.

However to be serious the only thing I have tried at the moment is have a file named openfire.vmoptions placed in the Bin folder - reminder I am using Windows 2k Server. i wish this was not the case but its all i got.

Second, the Openfire software would not load at all.

This was disturbing. Nothing worked. rebooting the total server didn’t even work.

So needless to say it works some of the time without the openfire.vmoptions file and not all with it.

I am curious what i am doing wrong exactly.

I wish there was a total walk through as to what to put in the vmoption file as well. there has to be something other than the -XMS512m

and the -Xmx1024m entries on seperate lines.

Either way, some help would be awesome.

Thanks in advice.



I got something to work. Seems that there was something wrong elsewhere that was causing the problem. A simple fix there and I got it working. However; if it doesn’t work I am sure that i will be back here.

the file that I did not realize that was driving everything was the openfire.exe drives the openfired.exe a whole lot in fact. I thought it was only a portion. Either way, the problem for now is fixed.

If not then I will post again.


-William L.