Java memory issue

Hello all,

I m using wildfire 3.1.1 along with jdk-1_5_0_09-linux java on RedHat 4 .All is working fine but i have

an issue about java memory . I have given 1500 mb of java memory and i have got 400 users.

Some time 200 users logged in at a time consume near about 60% memory and i have to reboot the server to free the memory.Is there a way i can refresh that memory as restart the server is not the solution …

can any one help…


Do you face any problem in fact ? Do you get any error ?

I mean the Garbage Collector can perhaps not start as you use only 60% of the memory and there could be some Objects not used anymore …

Can you give some additionnal details about the problems you have ?


I don’'t understand that you get a problem. I assume your server has 2,5 GB memory if you set the java heap to 1,5 GB so java may use 500 MB for the native heap and linux itself may use 500 MB for itself and file caches.

Which Xms and Xmx values did you specify and did you set other values like MinHeapFreeRatio?


Thanx for reply,

I have given Xms value 1000mb and XmX value 1500mb.

But i m facing the problem that once the java memory consumption reaches 60% with 200 users it doesn’'t decrease after they loggoff.

I have seen 40-50 logged on users are using 55-60% of memory.

Why is this so,and after restarting the service same 200 users use only 20 to 25% memory.

I am new to wildfire and looking for help


which memory value does reference 55-60% ?

If you set Xms to 1 GB the JRE must allocate 1 GB for the java heap even if you just run a program.

The JRE decreses the allocated java heap only if n % are free in it and n is either 60 or 70. As far as I know only IBM’'s JRE allows to tune this value.

You may want to set the Xms value to 128m and restart Wildfire, it should not allocate more than 400 MB.