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Java Memory - very high useage

I am using v2.1.3 as messenger.exe on a PIII/1GHz, 512MB RAM with WinXP/pro/SP2. I have a messengerd.exe.options file with -Xms384m -Xmx384m. Everything seems to be working fine, except with only 10 users in my small department after two days, the admin console is showing the Java memory at 84% used: 319MB!

Is this normal behavior? Can this memory be purged/refreshed without stopping/starting the server?

I spent some time searching the FAQs and the forum here for an answer. Sorry if it’s been addressed already and I didn’t find it.

Thank you.


The Java VM will automatically purge memory at set intervals. The fact that 84% is used is a bit misleading – you can probably safely ignore how much memory it says is being used unless you start getting OutOfMemory exceptions. If you were to look at a graph of memory usage over time, you should see it cycling and not just going up and up.