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Java Memory?

Is Java Memory referencing RAM or HD space?

If its HD space, is there an ideal amount to allocate? if so, is it based formula per number of users? And where is that space taken from if you have multiple partitions.

Is there such a thing as too much memory.? Is there a downside to setting it too high?

Finally, what uses this java memory in OpenFire?


It is referencing your Java Heap space (a block of RAM) you give it. The server application itself using java to run.

Thanks for the reply,

I currently have mine set at:



Is it recommended to use a high and low setting? If so, what kind of a range is best













a high low range, hmm. well that depends on how much ram you have installed on the machine. too much and you might see caching to the drives which would be bad. I have 8 gb installed, my -Xms512m -Xmx1048m.

I can;t speak to “what is best”, however these settings work for me without issues.

Thanks for all the help. I though I had 2gb or ram on the server, but there is only 1gb so I will leave the max where it is. I will try giving it a range of 256-768 and see what happens.

Thanks again for all the help

make sure though if you are gonna give it 768, that your OS isn;t gonna use more than 256. How many users are you going to put in the instance. My thought is that if you are running 1GB, set your Xms128 Xmx384 and see how it works. If you have too many users for this, you might want to consider bumping your installed Ram up to atleast 2gb so you have enough for the OS, and overhead.

I am checking with my network admin about the posibility of adding more RAM.

I know right now it is sitting at about 500MB currently used. It spiked over the weekend and has been hovering around that point. It could be high now because I have such a high minimum set.

We have about 900 users in the system but only ever have 50 or so logged int (about 100 in a week or so).

I will test some numbers and see how it performs.

When adjusting openfire-service.vmoptions is a service restart needed?

Thanks again for all the help.

Yes, anytime you play with the config file, you need to bounce the service.