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Java newbie question -- how to install Smack?

Hi – I’‘d like to use smack to write some components. I’'m running Windows XP and jive messenger 2.3.0. I just downloaded the smack .zip file. Do I need to move the .jar file somewhere special?

I’‘ve never done any serious programming in java. I’'ve mostly used C, perl, python, and stuff like that.

Thanks in advance.

I hope this answers your question:

In the directory with your source file in it, copy smack.jar, smackx.jar, and smackx-debug.jar.[/b]

In your program’'s import statements, add import org.jivesoftware.smack.*;[/b].

When you compile and run, your commands should be javac -classpath smack.jar yourprogram[/i].java[/b] and java -classpath smack.jar;. yourprogram[/i][/b]

I hope this helps.