Java (Smack) GTalk client questions, packet/IQ sending

Hi to all!

I’m starting to develop a java client for Google Talk. So far I have been able to use Smack to connect to it, retrieve and maintain a ‘buddy’ list and manage ‘chat sessions’. I have read most of the Smack documentation… but I think I am missing a few concepts. I needed someone to shed a light on a few things in order to go forward on this project…

  • I really wanted to know how to retrieve my status (available, away, busy,…) from the GTalk server, I have tried querying presence for my own user ID but it didn’t work… How to do it?
  • I also needed to grab the ‘shared status list’ as specified in and add that to a combobox in order to be able to change status… I have tried some things on this but failed. Does anyone know how to query that status list, update it as needed (user changes his/her status) with Google and listen for changes made in other clients?

Those are the first two issues I needed help with to go forward. I must say that I found the Smack library very easy to use and to understand! I surely recommend it! Sorry if these questions seem noobish…

Thanks in advance!