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Java To Exe?

I have written a client with smack2.2.0 in java.

I don’'t know whether the spark is written with smack in java.

Now I want to compile the my Java app into a exe that run in windows without JRE and other library such as smack.

Is there anyone can tell me which compile or convert tools should I use?

Thanks .

Hi Siyin,

most java2exe tools require that the one who wants to run the exe has java installed. Most tools cause more problems than they solve. So I see no need to use one and trying to do so is imho a bad idea.


Hey Siyin,

We use url=http://www.ej-technologies.com/products/install4j/overview.htmlinstall4j[/url] to create executables from Java. Install4j has worked very well for us and so I recommend it to you but you should know that it is commercial software. I just did a quick google search for free software and found url=http://jsmooth.sourceforge.net/features.phpJSmooth[/url] but I really don’'t know how it works.


– Gato

Gato :

Thanks a lot!

hai siliu…

can u plz post ur code which u hav written using smack…

plz help me with ur code…

thanks in advance…

I have used JBuilder2006 to build a native excutable, it works very well and easy to use.

Hey Ammu,

The Smack documentation provides a great place to get started with writing applications using the Smack API.


The Javadocs are also very easy to use and provide a wealth of information.


If your starting from scratch then its probably best to get the basics done first and then build on from there.

If you have any specific Smack code questions please post them and someone will usually try and answer them for you.