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Java version 1.2 vs. Smack 1.3

I downloaded Smack 1.3 today and have tried to use it with Java 1.2.2 (which, according to the build README is all that is needed).

I then tried to connect and got strange results - and no connection. Eventually I tracked it down to the following error:

java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: java/util/TimerTask

java.util.TimerTask was not added until Java 1.3 - so smack 1.3 does not run under Java 1.2 anymore.

Was it your intention to require Java 1.3 with the smack 1.3 release?



Thanks for the bug report. I looked at the code and it won’'t be a problem to remove the use of TimerTask. So, the next release (1.3.1) will be JDK 1.2 compatible again.



This issue is now fixed in CVS so will be out in the next daily build.