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Javascrip & Jsp in Jabber client

Hello, I Want to ask if somebody know if is possible to create a jabber client with the Jsp tecnology of if necesary to use javascript. I ask This buecause I’m working in a proyect which I need use Jsp or servlets or a implemmentation on Java for comunicate with a jabber server and send and recieve messages. After that the idea is create a voice jabber client whit Vxml tecnology, so is obvious that I can implent Applets because for this no there a way to convert in Voice application. Whaever comment is welcoment please is very importan.

PD: Of course, I need implemet smack API

Att: Heider

No need to repost the same question.

Anyway, have you also looked at JWChat and Red5? Coupled with a plugin to Openfire they might do what you want, without needing to reinvent alot of the already existing technology.

I think it is totally possible !!

I have already started developing a jabber client which uses servlets and jsp technology.

U may also consider using Ajax