JDBCAuthProvider and setting passwords

The JDBCAuthProvider was designed with read-only databases in mind. But, why not allow setting passwords if your database supports that? Well, after a discussion today in the community group chat it became apparent that would be a useful feature to some. After looking at the code it was obvious to me this was an easy addition, so I coded it up and threw it into svn (r10590 if anyone is interested). It should be in the nightly build by tomorrow. The code looks ok from my perspective, but I dont really have a good way to check it out and test it. Any feedback from someone who uses this would be great.

New properties that are related to this change:

jdbcAuthProvider.allowUpdate : if true allows passwords to be set. Defaults to false.

jdbcAuthProvider.setPasswordSQL : The SQL statement to update passwords. (the UPDATE counterpart to passwordSQL)

This should have no impact on current users of the jdbcAuthProvider as the only changes I made require you change a property to true to enable it.