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I just submitted a new group provider called JDBCGroupProvider (JM-660). This allows you to have Wildfire form its groups from data stored in any database accessible by JDBC. It makes the most sense when paired with JDBCAuthProvider.

You use it by adding the appropriate entries to your wildfire.xml:

I hope that others find this code useful!


I had a look at this class & got it working in my environment. I had a couple of issues with the roster list not appearing in the client - I’'m not an expert on Wildfire by any means but I think I tracked the problem down to the method getMembers(). The roster list now appears correctly on the client.

How can I contribute my changes?

I also wrote a companion class JDBCUserProvider (extending UserProvider) with the sql configurable via wildfire.xml in the same vein as JDBCGroupProvider & JDBCAuthProvider. Is it worth it to anyone for me to contribute this class also?



These both sound like great changes. Please drop me an email so that we can work out getting them into SVN. Also note that you’'ll need to sign a Contributor Agreement – all the details on that can be found at:




I’'ll sign the contributor agreement ASAP and then let you have the code.