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JDK11 TLS Admin Page provides old ssl encryption, prohibits access

Openfire 4.4.0 when using OpenJDK-11-JRE, new installation.
After setting up valid TLS certificates in the keystores, attempting to log in to the TLS admin page (https://openfire:9091) shows a warning for SSL cipher mismatch. Up to date Firefox and Chrome were unable to access the page due to the cipher issue.

Performing the exact same steps with OpenJDK-8-JRE has no such issue, allowing access.

I didn’t see anything notable in the Openfire logs, but I’m not as familiar so I may have missed something.

Other details:
Ubuntu 18.04.2 - VMWare guest
LDAP authentication
Mysql (MariaDB 10.1) as database

Openfire Plugins Enabled:
Content Filtering - 1.8.0
Monitoring Service - 1.8.0
Search - 1.7.2

Maybe related TLS issue after upgrade openfire 4.2.3 (adding a link just to have similar topics tied together)