JEP-0164 vCard Filtering need it desperately!

Dear sirs,

i am member of a company that develops an xmpp client with sip presence.

The public info of each contact is put in the v-card and the avatar photo too.

The problem is that i desperately need the functionallity of getting the most of the v-card info the time the program starts but i don’'t want to get the photo, as this is too heavy for the start up session.

I want to get the photo of the contact just the time it is going to be presented.

To my knowledge, the only way to accomplish this is through v-card filtering and as far as i know (and tested) wildfire does not support this jep (164) yet.

Are you going to implement this jep in the near feature?

Thanks in advance!


I’'m not aware that JEP-0164 is currently on the roadmap of Wildfire. So it may take some months or years to get this feature unless you can imagine to sponsor this project and the development of this feature. If you want to do this please contact


Actually, unless I’'m mistaken, it should already support it. Soon after I wrote that JEP, remko submitted a patch for it and if you look here:,r=3881/svn-org/wildfire/trunk/s rc/java/org/jivesoftware/wildfire/handler/

You will see the code for it. Looks like it was added for 3.0.0.

On a related note, I am glad to see some interest in this! This JEP fell into “deferred” state because I didn’‘t really know what I was supposed to do to keep it alive. =) Turned out what I was supposed to do is show that it’'s actually being used. hehehe So yay! Glad to hear it!

Hi Daniel,

I’'m looking for a list with the implemented JEPs. Do you know if one exists or could we use the Wiki to maintain one?


I am not aware of one that exists and I think the wiki would be a perfect place to do it! (in fact I want to do the same for PyAIM-t and PyICQ-t at some point) I’'m thinking something along the lines of:

JEP JEP Name Supported Comments

001 Ninjas Yes

002 Kitties Yes as of 2.3.1

003 Doggies Yes as of 3.0.1

013 Lizards No

015 Crazies Yes via the Crazies plugin

that type of thing, what do you think? I’'m working hard on the IM Gateway stuff right now, so if you happen to have time to get this started, that would be awesome! (I bet it would be nice to see that for Spark too) upport.html

Ya know what, this exists. But still, I don’‘t know, it just doesn’'t mention vcard filtering.

Frankly I kinda like the wiki idea. ;D But maybe we should see what the jive folk think?