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JEP support

Dear Sirs,

I’‘m searching for a good Java library to create a Jabber client and I consider your to be one of the best I’'ve ever came across with.

The mail thing I '‘m interested in is JEPs support. I’'ve found a list of extensions which are supported in your library. There were no JEP-0096 (File transfer) and no JEP-0009 (RPC) which are very important for me.

Please tell me what is the situations with those and may be some other JEPS ? Are you planning to include them into your library ?

Thanks a lot.

I don’‘t know about RPC support, but a developer helping with JBother nearly has JEP-0096 working. Receive works well, send is still under progress. If you want, I’'ll keep you up to date.

Thanks a lot for your answer.

RPC is a real usefull feature in some cases … as I understand this could help to call remote procedures … you can refer to Net::Jabber perl library to see how did they do it. RPC Jep is something like DCOM or CORBA within Jabber

As I understood you are completing to support Smack library, right ? What are your plans for future releases ?

JEP-0009 is something we might be interested in as well. No promises on ability to contribute, but there might be a possibility. Is anyone actively working on this?