Jiaho chat client using smack 3.0.4

hi all,

this is my first post, but i’ve been using this foruns for the last 6 months…

i’ve created a chat client for school proposes using smack api 3.0.4 + gwt 1.4 + netbeans…started a month ago, there are some bugs to correct but it is funccional already…i’m using jabber.org server to connect, so if you have account there you can use yours…or you can create one on jiaho…

please send me feedback…

the link: http://jiaho.s46.eatj.com/jiaho

ps: since the server is free the account has to be refreshed 6 in 6 hours…so the server might be down for this reason…


Have you had any luck creating a GWT client for a Jbber server. I am looking into this at the moment but don’t think GWT client-side supports the Smack Library so might have propagate all the changes in the back-end through a service. is that the way you did it?

Yes this would be great to know - anything happening with this?

The link provided is not working.



first, sorry for the late response…My other account (manuel) was deleted so I’ve created another one to respond…

The project is still active, and i’m improving the project with some new stuff like best performance, better UI, profiles, notes, conversations save, with new technologies.

GWT client-side doesn’t support SMACK API. All the communications to jabber server are done at server-side.

At client-side: JiahoServerService.java and JiahoServerServiceAsync.java

At server-side: JiahoConnection.java and JiahoServerServiceImpl.java | where JiahoConnection constains all the methods to connect, receive and send messages to jabber servers.

The source of the application is at http://jiaho.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/jiaho/. (Note that this code is completely obsolete, since I’m making changes and using now the latest smack and gwt apis. the code will be available very very soon).

I’ve created another account for you to test the older application: http://mmartins.s155.eatj.com/jiaho/main.html

Please reply if there are any doubts.