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JID and users email address or real name

Does anyone know of a way to make the users name the default when adding a user to a roster manually

AD groups work great for prepopulation, but we’‘re going to have a lot of cross talk between groups and in lieu of associating groups i’‘d like the users to find whomever they’'d like and add them manually.

The tripping point is that everyone’‘s JID shows up as their defualt name. I know it sounds lazy not to edit it, but it would be really nice if they didn’'t have too.

Anyone have any thoughts?


as far as i can tell this is a client issue as the client controls the roster, so there’'s little that Openfire can do.


XEP-0172 allows one to set up the own nickname. The other client can access this information and use it instead of the jid or the nickname on the roster.

However, this requires PEP server-side, which is not yet implemented on Openfire, and it requires client support.

PEP is being implemented on Openfire and XEP-0172 is being implemented on Adium and pidgin all as part of Google Summer of Code currently (the latter two being my responsibility).

If that’‘s the case, how does the spark client understand everyone’‘s correct first and last name in prepopulation but doesn’‘t do that when adding manually. I’‘m not trying to be argumentative, but i don’'t understand the difference.

Maybe it’'s getting them from the vcard?

Could i force the spark client to look up the vcard info when adding the user manually?